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Frequently Asked Questions

My vehicle still has a manufacturer’s warranty. My local Land Rover dealership has informed me that the warranty will be affected if you service my vehicle?

That is not true. Ford Corp (owners of Land Rover) have recently issued a statement saying that any competent garage CAN carry out servicing their vehicles without infringing warranty. Competition guidelines set by the EU require this freedom of choice for vehicle owners, however they have stated that “genuine or equivalent quality parts” MUST be used, ensuring poor, unreliable parts are not fitted.

My local Land Rover dealership has informed me that the value of my vehicle will be considerably less if I wish to sell/exchange it, if it has not been serviced by a franchised/main dealership. Is this correct?

Absolutely not!
The monetary value of your vehicle is determined by several factors. It’s mileage, the general condition of the vehicle, and the service history for that vehicle. These are the main factors that companies like Glass’s Guide, (one of the main industry price setters) use and nothing is ever mentioned of any depreciation, if the servicing work has been carried out by a competent specialist. Unfortunately some unscrupulous franchised dealers may try and persuade you that this is the case.

Why are your prices so much cheaper in comparison with Main Dealerships? Can I be sure that you are doing the job properly and to a high standard?

Dealerships have lavish showrooms and large staffing overheads, and of course have to recuperate their investment largely made from selling labour and spare parts. Independents mostly operate from more modest premises with far fewer overhead costs.
Our Land Rover Servicing schedules are in strict accordance with the manufacturers service spec and only genuine parts are used. This combined with a technician (Griff) with over 17 years Land Rover servicing and repairing expertise you are in the best hands!


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